Garfield is a cat, who lives with Jon Arbuckle. As of 10/17/2019, he is the only cat known to be living with Jon Arbuckle. He is orange and fat, due to a combination of eating too much and not exercising enough (however the orange hue of his fur is presumably just his natural fur color). He likes lasagna a lot but does not like raisins much at all. Garfield's girlfriend is known as Arlene, and is pink.

Name: Garfield

IQ: Probably like 50 or something, he doesn't seem all that intelligent

Date Of Birth: 06/19/1978

Catch phrases: Nice Touch, I hate mondays, feed me, big fat hairy deal, we're bachelors baby, we're bachelors baby, we're bachelors baby


Garfield said "we're bachelors, baby" many times.

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